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Arizona Castles That Should Be On Your U.S. Bucket List


Remember hearing frightening tales about castles and dragons when you were young? Now is the time to live them, albeit without dragons! In case you were unaware, Arizona is home to a number of castles with fascinating histories. If you intend to visit the state during your trip to the United States, you must halt at least a few of these attractions.

From stone structures to architectural masterpieces, Arizona’s castles will leave you speechless. Some of these fortresses appear to have been taken from the picture books we read as children, while others have been converted into wedding venues. Each is distinctive and deserving of a visit. So, if you find yourself in Arizona, be sure to add these wonderful destinations to your itinerary and have a memorable time.

Seven Required Castles In Arizona

Whether or not you are a history aficionado, the tales behind these magnificent castles will pique your curiosity. Consider some of the state’s most renowned castles and what makes them so captivating.

Tovrea Castle Located In Carrero Heights

Tovrea Castle in Arizona attracts many visitors from Phoenix. However, tickets sell out rapidly; it is advisable to reserve in advance. You can choose a guided tour of the castle, which features over 5000 cacti on its grounds. and tours were not permitted. The castle’s architecture is distinctive and resembles a bridal cake.

Mysterious Keep

Mystery Castle in Arizona, was a gift from a father to his daughter. Boyce Luther Gulley began constructing a house out of inexpensive components such as cement, goat milk, and mortar. A few years later, he passed away, and his daughter Mary Lou inherited the home. If you intend to visit this castle, take the tour, as the guides will be able to provide you with fascinating information about the dwellings.

Arizona Castle, Ashley

This castle is now a popular wedding destination, and many couples have it on their list. For their visitors, the area now accommodates private events, gatherings, and weddings. Although it is not a tourist attraction, you can still travel around and observe this magnificent and incredibly elegant castle. It is not surprising that people choose to spend some of their most memorable moments in this location.

Montezuma Castle National Monument

At first glance, it may be difficult to believe that the Montezuma Castle in Arizona has up to five stories and approximately sixty chambers. It is a national monument and a major tourist attraction in the state because it preserves the Sinagua people’s residence. In 1952, the castle served as the setting for a technicolor film. This is one of the most renowned castles in Arizona, so you cannot overlook it.

Mollohan Fort

If you intend to spend a few days in Tucson, Arizona, be sure to visit the Mollohan Castle. You can remain at the castle if you make a reservation in advance. The castle also serves as a bridal and event location. 

Copenhaver Castle, Arizona

This mansion is situated on the south side of Camelback Mountain on a red granite road. This medieval castle’s grand entrance and genuinely spectacular architecture are bound to attract your attention. A 17-foot waterfall is also located in the living area of the mansion. Additionally, the property features a helipad and a hot Jacuzzi that can accommodate up to 20 people!

El Cid Castle

This location was originally intended to be a bowling facility, In addition to the 17-year construction period, several renovations were also performed. It no longer resembles the intended Moorish castle, but it is still worth a visit.

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