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Amazing Attractions & Activities in Inverness sightseeing tour


You may be astonished by where a day in the Highland capital may lead you. The variety of attractions and activities in Inverness will amaze and delight. On a sightseeing tour of Inverness, you can take in all of the city’s attractions, or you can explore its streets and riverbanks to find excellent museums, galleries, and retail opportunities.

The Loch Ness Monster and Urquhart CastleLoch Ness

Loch Ness, one of the most iconic and well-known locations in Scotland, is only 30 minutes by vehicle or transport south of Inverness. The Loch Ness Monster is shrouded in mystery and legend; embark on a boat journey to learn more about her origins and the stories that surround her. Then, visit the ancient ruins of Urquhart Castle, which is perched on a cliff above the loch and offers breathtaking views for miles – a wonderful day excursion from Inverness!

Culloden Battlefield Inverness

Visit Culloden Battlefield if you wish to delve into the turbulent past of Inverness and the Highlands. Explore the final site of the last and most harrowing pitched battle to be fought on British soil, as well as the interactive visitor centre with fascinating artefacts from both sides of the battle and an immersive surround cinema, all within a 15-minute drive from the city centre.

Clava Cairns

This 4,000-year-old monument is a well-preserved Bronze Age cairn that serves as a remarkable example of the culture and architecture of the Scottish Highlands. The three cairns that comprise Clava Cairns, also known as the Prehistoric Burial Cairns of Bulnuaran of Clava, are located within a 15-minute drive of Inverness. For millennia, the cemetery remained a holy site in the region.

Fort George Inverness

Why not investigate the most formidable artillery installation in Britain? Fort George’s garrison structures, artillery defenses, cannons, and extraordinary collection of weapons, including bayoneted muskets, pikes, and ammunition pouches, provide a fascinating glimpse into 18th-century military life.

Castle of Inverness

With its location in the heart of the city, Inverness Castle is an excellent addition to your itinerary. Since 11 A.D., this ancient fortress has stood here for centuries. After the first Jacobite insurrection in the 18th century, it was reconstructed into a neo-Norman citadel known as Fort George, and then again ten years later into the current neo-Norman structure. Visit the castle’s vantage point for breathtaking vistas of the city and the Highlands beyond.

Inverness Museum & Art Gallery Inverness Downtown

Explore the Highlands’ art, history, and culture at the Inverness Museum & Art Gallery. Here, you can learn about the people, environment, and traditions that have shaped the Highlands as we know and appreciate them today. Explore a variety of exhibitions, such as archaeology, natural history, and geography, and discover Jacobite artifacts, Inverness silverware, authentic Highland firearms, bagpipes, and more.

The Ness River and Ness IslandsInverness, Loch Ness, and Nairn are three Scottish destinations. Why not embark on a 2-hour circuit walk through the city center and along the banks of the River Ness if you wish to investigate the city’s natural and outdoor areas? In addition, seals and seabirds can be observed between the city’s two road spans, making it an ideal walk for nature enthusiasts. Along the route, you should keep an eye out for the Inverness War Memorial, the magnificent floral flower gardens, and Inverness Cathedral.

Inverness Basilica Downtown

Inverness Cathedral, the most northerly Anglican Cathedral in the United Kingdom, has a rich history and heritage and is an exceptional specimen of Alexander Ross’ architecture. In addition to the magnificent stained-glass windows, you will also be able to admire the stone and wood carvings with their intricate detail.

Inverness Botanic Gardens

While strolling through the Inverness Botanic Gardens, inhale the crisp Scottish air. The gardens, located in the southern portion of the city, feature a vibrant assortment of plants and trees, as well as ponds, a tropical house, a cactus house, a wildflower meadow, and much more. The entrance to the gardens is free, but they are also a charity, so why not make a donation or purchase a plant to take home?

Inverness bookshop Leakey’s

Leakey’s Bookshop is a peculiar spot to visit in the Scottish Highlands, though it may not be what you would expect. The largest second-hand bookshop in Scotland, replete with a log fire and almost any book imaginable, it is a quaint place to visit in the heart of Inverness. If you want to escape the adventure for a few hours and get immersed in a book, this is the ideal location to purchase a new book.

Whin Lake

Why not investigate Whin Park if you want to spend an afternoon outdoors but don’t want to travel too far from the city center? With four distinct adventure play areas, zip lines, a model of a plane accident, climbing structures with slides, and much more, it’s a wonderful place for young children to spend the day. There is also an adult Trim Trail with assault course-style apparatus, perfect for physically active adults who wish to participate. The Ness Islands narrow gauge railway is the most northern of its kind in Scotland.

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