Most Popular Tourist Attractions in York, England


The historic metropolis of York is one of the most visited places in northern England. Every year, throngs of enthusiastic visitors flock to this city, and it’s easy to see why. The area has a rich history of settlement that dates back to the Roman occupation of Britain, as evidenced by the preservation of many of the area’s magnificent old structures and historical features. Founded in 71 AD as Eboracum, it was renamed Jorvik and served as the region’s capital during the period of Viking control.

The Clifford Tower

This historic keep, which was once the majestic centerpiece of York Castle, has a lengthy and troubled history. Built by William the Conqueror to intimidate and subdue the Viking north, it has been destroyed by fire twice in its lifetime. Other remnants of the castle, such as the bailey wall and portions of the south gatehouse, have been assimilated into the city streets.

Roger De Clifford’s execution for treason against King Edward II, which gave the tower its name, was a particularly gruesome event in its history. As a display of authority and intimidation, his body was hung in chains from the keep of the citadel. An adult ticket costs £4.20; the interior is not particularly large or thrilling, but the views from the summit are spectacular. Equally enjoyable is a stroll up the sloping but scenic hill, followed by a picnic or a brief rest on the luxuriant green grass that encircle the base of the tower.

York Minster

This revered cathedral has been at the center of Christianity in northern England since the seventh century, not long after the religion’s first incursions onto these formerly pagan shores. Everything inside was constructed for the sole purpose of loving and praising the Christian God.

Explore the ancient subterranean chambers and listen to tales that date back to the Roman occupation of Britain after you’ve admired the intricate interior architecture and beautiful stained-glass windows. Climb the 275 steps to the city’s highest point and enjoy a bird’s-eye view in every direction. Admission for adults is $11.50.

Explore the Historic City Walls

York has more intact miles of city fortifications than any other English metropolis. Friends of York Walls provides a free online guide to facilitate exploration and comprehension of these magnificent works simpler than ever before. A stroll through these magnificent living artifacts could take up to an hour, but you could conclude a small section in as little as five minutes.

It is also a wonderful method to travel around the city and back in time while avoiding the city’s often congested streets.

Gardens and Museum at Yorkshire

One of the finest collections of archaeology and geology in Europe is housed in a magnificent stone structure with pillars reminiscent of the Parthenon in Greece. This is an excellent starting point for your exploration of York, with exhibits ranging from prehistoric natural history to ancient Roman artifacts to modern-day art. Arm yourself with knowledge of the history that makes this city so special, and observe how every subsequent attraction comes to life as a result. A ticket for an adult with a modest suggested donation costs £8.

Afternoon Tea Experience a traditional English pastime in its purest form. Afternoon tea is one of the most popular weekend pastimes among the throngs of elderly locals who travel to the nearby metropolis to spend a relaxing weekend. You’ve likely seen the beautiful silver piles of miniature cakes and finger sandwiches in television dramatizations of England’s aristocratic past; now is the time to sample them for yourself.

The York Art Gallery and Further

A £8 million development in 2015 elevated York Art Gallery, which is housed in a large and stately building, to one of the finest regional galleries in the country. With 7 exhibition spaces on 2 floors and an outdoor Artist’s garden, there is much for art enthusiasts to see in York, including a collection of ceramics that is internationally significant spread across 2 galleries and rotating exhibitions that ensure there is always something new to see.

Castle Museum of York

This award-winning museum attempts to bring together 400 years of the city’s history. This museum’s interactive design is filled with faithful recreations that faithfully imitate how life would have been; a street from the Victorian era, Children are admitted free with a paying adult, and there is sufficient variety to satisfy all ages. Tickets for adults cost £12 plus a modest gift aid donation.

The Shambles Exchange

What occasionally resembles a historical reenactment is in fact a completely functional and fabulous way to purchase in style! The 70 kiosks, located in the center of the city between Parliament Street and the ever-popular Shambles, offer a variety of goods and handicrafts. Even if you’re not willing to spend, the markets are a sensory experience, offering everything from artisanal cheeses and alcoholic rarities such as mead (if they offer you a free sampling, accept it) to arts and crafts and gorgeous flower bouquets. 

Jorvik Viking Centre

This interactive Viking experience includes a ride reminiscent of a theme park, providing children with yet another entertaining museum excursion. Alongside 1,000-year-old artifacts, there are exhibits that seek to vividly recreate the sights, noises, and smells of Viking York in the 10th century.

Actors dressed in complete period garb illuminate and enrich the experience. 

York Dungeon

York, and consequently this list, is packed with museum-style experiences that eschew the conventional object-in-a-glass-case stodginess for a more immersive and thrilling educational excursion. The York dungeon upholds this tradition. In this experience, evocative sets and committed actors will bring it to life for all five senses. Explore eleven distinct encounters designed to shed light on York’s darkest historical events.

Explore York’s Waterways

What better way to absorb the tranquil atmosphere of the city than with a leisurely observation cruise? Slowly navigate the tranquil waterways of York’s river Ouse and take in the magnificent architecture. Harbor Cruises Throughout the majority of the year, York offers a variety of options, with a minimum of four departures per day. Their vessels feature both an outdoor deck and an indoor observation area with a bar.

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